BFGoodrich Launches the All-Terrain T/A KO3 Tire

Latest News – The new KO3 tire promises enhanced performance across various terrains. It boasts improved durability on gravel roads, better traction in snow, and extended wear performance while maintaining the KO2’s robustness and grip on soft soils.

BFGoodrich has developed the KO3 with a novel tread pattern and an advanced all-terrain tread compound. The tire features full depth 3D looking sipes and refined footprint for even wear throughout the tire’s lifespan.

BFGoodrich Launches the All-Terrain TA KO3 Tire

The BFGoodrich’s KO3 also includes its CoreGard Technology which improve its sidewall’s strength. This feature has earned the KO3 the prestigious Baja Champion badge.

Even in challenging conditions, the KO3 tire excels in grip, thanks to its serrated shoulder design and mud-phobic bars, which enhance mud and snow traction. This design has enabled the tire to earn the severe-snow rating  pf Three Peak Mountain Snowflake.

They are offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and 50,000-mile warranty with this tire. According to Harold Phillips, BFGoodrich’s global GM, the KO3 tire is a result of a decade’s worth of racing, research, and technological advancements.

“We have constantly pushed our own limits to elevate the all-terrain tire to new heights. The KO3 is a testament to our dedication and innovation, and we are eager to see how our consumers will leverage its capabilities both on and off the road,” Phillips stated.

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