Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Now Comes with Geolandar G94 Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Rubber has revealed that Mitsubishi Motors’ latest Pajero Sport SUV is now equipped with their Geolandar G94 tires. This partnership highlights Yokohama’s commitment to providing high-quality tires for various terrains.

One of the key benefits of the Geolandar G94 tires is their ability to reduce exterior noise while offering low rolling resistance. This enhances the driving experience by providing stable steering and a quieter ride. The tires are designed to handle tough conditions. While also making sure that the Pajero Sport can tackle various terrains with ease.

The Pajero Sport, launched in Thailand in March 2024, features the Geolandar G94 tires in a 265/60R18 110H size. These all-terrain tires are made to deliver excellent performance across different road conditions. Yokohama has specifically tuned the tread rubber and profile to ensure the tire’s durability in demanding environments.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Now Comes with Geolandar G94 Yokohama Tires

The latest Pajero Sport is equipped with the new 4N16 engine. It offers superior driving performance and improved fuel efficiency. The Super Select 4WD-II system further enhances the vehicle’s controllability on different terrains.

The Pajero Sport’s interior has been redesigned. The new black-burgundy color scheme gives the cabin a sporty yet premium feel. These updates make the Pajero Sport an appealing option for SUV enthusiasts looking for performance and style.

Overall, the collaboration between Yokohama Rubber and Mitsubishi Motors is the latest news which is exciting as it underscores their dedication to innovation and quality. The Geolandar G94 tires’ integration into the Pajero Sport highlights their capability to meet the demands of modern SUVs. This partnership is a significant step forward in delivering enhanced driving experiences.